project"PRO time"

what it is?


Work on the coexistence of man and time, when Time is a measure of the duration of the existence of all objects, a characteristic of the successive change of their states in the processes and the processes themselves ... Moreover, the life of any person is limited to days, this restriction creates a loop morning-day-evening-night-morning within the linear cycle birth-development-death

PROject PRO searching for yourself and discovering your capabilities in the context of the life cycle
PRO awareness of time dependence as a measure of life
PRO perception of a person as an object in the framework of a sequence of time

PRO is a series of objects made of wood and LEDs painted white and having three states: - a minimalistic object that refers to morning, the beginning of a new day \ cycle, birth
-light daylight \ human development
-shadow \ night \ end point of life
each object can self-exist in each of these states

The project is based on the idea of ​​visualizing the development of a person as a whole (a global, non-personalized way) by means of self-knowledge and the influence of environmental factors, limited to only one day and to develop an object that can fully meet the requirements of the idea and become a kind of prototype of a person’s development path and ordinary life path