project "EMPATHY IS KEY"

object of art is the statement of the artist, a reflection of his idea the viewer, knowing / not knowing the message, looking at the object passes through itself (its basis) -reconsiders the essence of the statement, message; an object of art, like the world as a whole, without the presence of an observer / spectator is one entity, with the appearance of an observer / spectator is another

the problem of finding a place and form from confusion to interaction dependence on particular and interaction density in determining the sharpness of the final form

the work consists of a pair-object not subject to change and an object with the same plot and the possibility of involvement of the viewer and the opportunity to become part of the artist’s work

without a viewer, the kind of work is one, without reflections, only what the artist depicted, when exhibiting some works, it is permissible to reflect some parts of the environment — when the viewer appears, he approaches and is reflected in the work, symbolizing the mixing, penetration, involvement and passing through of himself of the plan the author

what it is?

computer graphics \ printing on mirror plastic background mirror silhouette to reflect the environment and the viewer himself