If you understand globally what I am doing as an artist, then it would be most correct to define it as “I illustrate fiction”!

I illustrate fiction (any information under the layers of experience, teachings, observations, rules of ethics, law, society, etc.) based on memories, observations of today and thoughts about the future with an imposed sense of alienation. Using powerful, persistent (sometimes stereotypical) images of society, I explore the ideas of human memory, psyche, the difference in perceptions and emotional feelings, both on a personal and more collective level.

I like it when the object of study has been around for a long time and has already managed to create a kind of tension between how it was originally and how it changed and how others see it, and most importantly, how it looks at me. Through my artwork, I try either to look past the obvious to bring out what is behind the distracting noticeable, to reveal the uniqueness, small-scale, eccentricity of perception, or to know a person or object by marks (labels) of people's perception. This is a kind of game in which images register only secondary meanings, and the object itself, tightly wrapped in imaginary - created around it for years, and personally true values ​​are generated in the process of overseeing things. In any case, the task is to inspire those who see my work, see the new and look at the familiar from a new angle, peer more closely at the world around.

Art Work

Artist (painting, objects, installations) Collaborate with Le Corbusier Art Gallery 

Works are in private collections in different countries of the world

abstract paintings in the interior of the Moscow office of Sotheby's

Recent exhibitions

NEW WING of Gogol House - Museum of Modern Art “Legends and Myths of Everyday Life”

public art project “Unstable equilibria” M I U

site-specific project "Phantom communication sessions" workshop of Ilya Kabakov ICA

exhibition-interaction-research "WELL SUCH ..." ICA

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Pre-auction exhibition ICA

auction house Phillips

Production designer


LOST ARK , Life is Feudal : MMO, Another World VR, Project Genom, Breathedge, Uncertain Episode 2, Next Day: Survival, Final Cut

Clients: Mail.ru, Another World VR, SOFF Games, NeuronHaze, ComonGames, Xsolla, Bitbox Ltd., RedRuins Softworks, Enjoy Movies, ParaShoot Film


theatrical production “Daughter for the father” based on the play by Alexander Zvyagintsev Director: Oksana Tsekhovich

Opera by Gaetano Donizetti “RITA, OR A BROKEN HUSBAND” Director: Kristina Kvitko

The play “Drinking, Singing and Crying” based on the play by Ksenia Dragunskaya Director: Alexei Bagdasarov

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