Like any environmental pollution, noise most often occurs where the concentration of the population is high. Car traffic is the main source of noise on city streets. Equipment used in the construction and repair of houses and road surfaces, industrial enterprises, sound advertising, car signals and many other sound sources increase the noise level on the streets.

In the houses themselves, electrical devices, air conditioners, televisions, radios, players and tape recorders are often sources of increased noise.

When forced to constantly be in such a stream of noise, it becomes practically impossible to stay in silence. Even being outside the cities. Subsequently, the sounds of nature, the sound of waves, rain, the rustle of leaves become annoying ...

what it is?

sounds are a bright accent that makes the photos heal and at the same time irritates

installation consists of photographs taken on the camera of a mobile phone, a modern natural environment of human life, without people, cars and any objects giving sound -b & w images, blurry in places -cutting sounds for each work (sounds that could sound if added to the work, be a person in real life in the place shown in the photo)